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Last updated : 2020/04/13

Introduction to Snapask

Founded in 2015

Snapask is an education technology company to make education more effective, personalised, and accessible to everyone.

10 Regions

Headquartered in Hong Kong and operates in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

Instant Q&A

We provide instant Q&A services to students, matching them to top tutors from renowned universities.

80+ Members

Snapask has over 80 members supporting operations across 10 regions.

3,000,000+ Users

As of 2019, Snapask has over 3 million registered users across all operating regions.

US$35 Million

Snapask has raised US$35 million in its Series B funding round in 2020.

About the Founder

Timothy Yu - CEO

Timothy believes that curiosity is the key to knowledge, and questioning is the best way to learn; ‘it begins with a question’ became his motto. Questioning the efficiency and effectiveness of brick-and-mortar tutoring centres, he began working on an alternative platform to bridge the strong demand for after-class education support with talented but busy university students. Timothy was named to the Forbes Asia's 30 under 30 list in 2016.

Our Product

home page

One-stop study app for students, they can ask questions and get instant 1 on 1 support, get unlimited practice questions and read specially curated content.


Students can use text, images and audio notes to converse and get immediate assistance for questions for huge range of subjects — anytime, anywhere.


View tutors' competence including ratings, reviews and how favourited he is and pick tutors from Select Tutors, recommended from our tutor base. Students can build a favourite tutor list to get help only from tutors they learn best from.

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Last updated : 2020/04/13