Snapask’s response to the claims that the App was being misused for Thai University entrance exam

April 6, 2022

At Snapask, we believe in making quality education accessible to everyone. However, it is claimed that the Snapask App has been inappropriately used in the Thailand University Central Admission System (TCAS) exam on 13th March 2022. 

The Snapask App has been built in mind to maximize study efficiency with a personalized learning experience. Being a study partner, the Snapask App is a safe haven for many students around the world when they encounter any homework questions or concept clarifications.

At Snapask, we do not condone any forms of cheating. In light of the recent claims, Snapask has standard protocols for tutors and will proactively remind tutors on the detection of any suspicious queries during exam periods. In such an instance, tutors will flag to the team for immediate actions. 

We conform to high standards that tutors are qualified and vetted with clear guidelines set to reject inappropriate and dishonest behaviour. With that in mind, our users are reassured of an efficient and safe learning environment since our journey started. We believe Snapask users around the world will continue using the Snapask App wisely and appropriately.

For any media inquiries, please do contact our Public Relations team on:


Timothy Yu 

CEO of Snapask

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