Welcome to The Snapask Tutor Team

Congratulations on becoming part of the Snapask Tutor team!

This handbook will provide all the instructions and details on what will be expected of you as a part of Snapask tutor community, as well as the skills and tips to have your experience with us as productive as possible. Please read through the document carefully and keep the guidelines in mind at all times to ensure a pleasant experience both for yourself and the students. Happy Snapasking, and let’s begin!


To act as a Snapask Tutor, you are to be obliged to follow our platform rules during your probation and after you successfully become our official Snapask Tutor. Please read the following terms carefully.
  • We have the right to refuse your tutor payout if you breach our terms and conditions without warning.
  • We have the right to remove and deactivate your tutor account if you do not follow our rules and regulations without warning.
  • Dishonest actions will be terminated immediately and will get rejection to apply all of your tutor payout.

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