Chapter 0

Your Tutor Journey on Snapask

Welcome on board! We value your expertise and passion for teaching. Here are the stages of your Snapask journey.  

Trainee Tutor

After your tutor application is approved, you will officially enter a two-week-long probation, in which your teaching quality will be evaluated based on the following standards:

Sessions you've answered as a trainee tutor 「 will not 」be counted towards your payout.

Two weeks later, you will receive a notice from our team for final result.

Snapask Certified Tutor

When you officially become our Snapask Certified Tutor, you are entitled to request cash out for your hard work. You can also qualify for special tutor payment bonuses when available.

Snapask Elite Tutor

We're not shy about promoting great tutors! You might be featured on our homepage every month based on your in-app activity and performance.

Chapter 1

How to pick up and answer a question


a.  You will receive a push notification every time a new question has been posted by a student for any of your approved subjects. Before picking up a question, please make sure you understand the question and you can attend to the session promptly.

b.  Preview the question by tapping onto the photo to enlarge it.

c.  Enter the session by tapping the “Answer” button only when you know how to answer the question!

There are a lot of good, active tutors on Snapask, so question pick up can be highly competitive! It's possible that by the time you click on a question, the session has already been picked up by another tutor. In situations like this, please don't worry. Just keep trying to pick up the next questions that appear.


a. You may communicate with the student through text, images, and audio messages. Feel free to choose whichever you think will be the most efficient in explaining the question for the student.

b. Instead of giving students the final answer straight away, you are required to provide step-by-step guidance when answering the question. Please ensure that students can fully understand the reasoning behind the answer.

c. You may exit and re-enter the session later by tapping the arrow (<) button on the top left corner.

Complete a Session

a. Once you've fully explained the session and believe that the student has no further follow-up questions, you may end the session. Just click “End Session” button under “... ” on the top right corner.

A system message will then pop up for the student to confirm that they've understood your solution. Please be aware that the student has the right to request further explanation or time based on their response to the system message.

Students have the option to rate their experience with you at the end of each session. Ratings range from 1-5, with 5 being the highest. You will be notified of any ratings given. If you receive an unfair rating, you may report the session for review.

Please note that students have the right to leave a session unrated. When this happens, it will not negatively affect your overall rating.

Follow PDCA rules

Your performance will be evaluated by the Snapask Team and the students themselves based on the following rules.

out your explanation to guide students step by step.
explain clearly & logically.
if students catch up on each point.
a similar question to ensure students understand the concept behind.

Please be aware that any answer given without clear explanation is considered insufficient, and the session will be invalidated.

Chapter 2

Tips for maximizing your reward

This table gives you an idea of Snapask’s peak hours, in which the largest volumes of questions will be asked by students each day. For tutors who wish to earn as much as possible, these will be the best times for you to be online.
Tip: Students are most active on Snapask every Friday evening, and in the afternoon during weekends.

The Ideal Tutor Profile

Be sure to complete your tutor profile so our students know who you are! One of the most important features on your profile is your profile picture!

Did you know? Including a presentable picture of yourself will increase your chances of being "favourited" by students!

To ensure a student-friendly community, your profile should be aligned with the following rules. Or else, we would ask you to revise your profile. We also reserve the right to deactivate your account until your profile is revised accordingly.

Chapter 3

Cash out your reward

How to request for Cash Out

After you pass probation and become our Snapask Certified Tutor, you will be able to request for cash out when you meet a minimum of 25 valid sessions for each cash out request.

To make a cash out request, just tap “Settings” and click “Cash Out”.

You can submit cash out requests before the last day of each month. Please note that any request after the last day of each month will be processed the month after next month. Also, you will not be able to request for cash out on 1st day of every month.

Tutors are encouraged to request for a cash out monthly. If a tutor has not been active for more than six months after his/her last session, Snapask will review the eligibility of cashing out even if tutor does not have 25 sessions and deactivate the tutor account until future correspondence is made.

Snapask will process the requests within 10 working days. For each request, we will evaluate all sessions from the entire month, as well as any sessions from the previous months which have not been cashed out before.

After evaluation, we will cash out the amount of all valid sessions.

Account details and payment method

You must fill in

1. Bank name
2. Account number
3. Account holder name

We will transfer the payment to the bank account you have specified in the app. You will receive a confirmation email when the cash out process is completed. Please note that it may take up to 10 working days for payment clearance.

Kindly make sure you have inputted your complete bank account details correctly to ensure a smooth cashing out process.

How much will I be paid for answering questions?

The payment offered as compensation for answering questions is a flat-rate of SGD 1 per session, with the amount being added to your account’s record.

We often have special tutor payment bonus schemes so keep an eye out on how you can earn more as a tutor!

The Bonus Rocket Programme

Each month, active tutors who consistently complete good sessions can qualify for additional incentives through the Bonus Rocket programme.

To qualify for Bonus Rocket, you must meet the following criteria during the month:
1. Complete at least 200 valid QA sessions
2. Have an average rating of 4.8 or greater
3. Have been favourited at least 10 times

- How do Bonus Rocket calculations work?

Your first 200 valid sessions will earn the standard rate per session, according to each session's indicated grade level. After that, every 15 sessions will get you a Bonus Rocket level. Each of the 15 sessions in a completed Bonus Rocket level will earn an additional SGD 1.

Any remaining sessions that don't add up to a full Bonus Rocket level will still earn the standard rate.

Let's say you have 235 valid sessions this month, broken down as follows:
235 sessions = 200 sessions + 2 Bonus Rocket levels of 15 sessions each + 5 remaining sessions

Your Bonus Rocket earnings will be calculated like this:

First 200 sessions = SGD 200
2 Bonus Rocket levels of 15 sessions each = 2 * 15 sessions * SGD (1+1) = SGD 60
5 remaining sessions = 5 * SGD 1 = SGD 5

Total cashout amount = SGD 200 + 60 + 5 = SGD 265

Once you qualify, Bonus Rocket will automatically be applied to your cash out calculations. You can earn up to 20 Bonus Rocket levels per month.

How do we evaluate your teaching sessions?

As a tutor, you are obliged to give an explanation in every session.

You must guide students step by step and ensure that they understand the concepts related to the question. Snapask takes strict measures to check individual sessions upon your cash out request and on a daily basis.

Any sessions that are not aligned with Snapask policies will be invalidated. These invalidated sessions will not be counted as part of your cash out payments, and Snapask has the right to cancel or put tutor payments on hold upon any violations of Snapask policies, regulations, and standards.

Example of sessions that will be invalidated

*Snapask has the right to invalidate sessions on a case-by-case basis.

*If you believe such invalidation might be caused by student misconduct or misunderstanding, you are advised to report your concerns to our team.

*If you have more than 10 invalidated sessions per month, you will be temporarily deactivated for 2 weeks next month.

Chapter 4

Code of conduct

Please abide by the following rules and regulations at all times when providing services via Snapask:

Make sure you can answer the question before picking it up

Please do not pick up a session unless you are certain that you can provide a detailed answer and explanation. This could avoid low ratings and unwanted frustration from students.

Make sure you have adequate time to fully answer the question.

It is not acceptable to end a session by just giving a short answer without adequate explanation and using ‘not having time’ as an excuse. Neither is it acceptable for tutors to pick up a question, but not answer it for an extended period of time, even with the intention of answering it later on.

How can you become a good tutor in Snapask?

What is a bad tutor in Snapask?

Attention, attention!

Exchanging contact details with students is strictly prohibited.

Snapask is an education service platform, not a social network. To maintain the quality of the service and to protect the privacy of all parties involved, exchanging contact details and personal information with students is strictly prohibited on Snapask. Violators will have their accounts suspended from the app. If a student attempts to ask for your private information, please politely explain the terms and conditions, and decline the request.

The use of foul language is strictly prohibited.

In order to maintain a pleasant learning environment for everyone, the use of foul language and abusive behavior is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Should you encounter any inappropriate behaviors from students on our platform, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Dishonest activity is strictly prohibited.

In order to maintain an honest and genuine education service, all fraudulent activities are strictly prohibited. Some common cases include tutors being directly associated with multiple accounts in order to maximize their profit. Such cases will result in immediate forfeiture of all associated cash out payments, deactivation of your account, and in serious cases, appropriate legal action.

What is considered a fraud case?

Case 1: Empty sessions without answers or solutions provided.

Case 2: Frequent and direct associations between a student and tutor account.

Fraud checking will be conducted on a case-by-case basis.

Fraud cases will result in your tutor account or associated accounts being terminated immediately. Any associated cash out payments will also be forfeited.

So, what’s going to happen if you step out of bounds?

Violation of the above regulations may result in the following consequences:

The session will not be counted towards your payment

If you didn’t follow the regulations during your session, the session will not be counted towards your payment.

You will receive a warning

When you step out of bounds for the first time, you will receive a warning email, and your Snapask tutor account will be temporarily suspended for 2 weeks.
Heavy and repeated violations will result in immediate termination of your Snapask tutor account.


We run regular checks on tutor quality. Your tutor account will be terminated if you:

Chapter 5


If I encounter difficulties while answering a question, whom should I contact?

You can contact our team through the Snapaask app or email us at To reach out to us via the app, just tap the “Settings” icon, click “Get help”, and follow the steps provided.

What if the student asks more than one question?

If the student raises follow-up questions related to his/her initial question, we encourage you to answer the question in the hope of better explaining the concept. However, if the follow-up question is clearly a separate question or on a different concept, you may politely remind the student to raise another question within the app.

You may also suggest for the student to use Mini Class sessions for questions where there might be more follow up questions.

I have tried my best to explain the answer but I received a much lower rating than I have expected. Is there anything I can do about it?

We know it can be very frustrating when you don’t get the ratings you deserved despite trying your hardest. You can request for an appeal by reporting abuse after the session has ended.